A Great Event Requires a Plan!

Weddings and Events have a ton of moving parts and require planning and co-ordination to properly execute. DJ FrankenSztein will work with you and your other vendors to ensure a smooth party experience that you can sit back and enjoy! 

When you book with DJ FrankenSztein, you'll be given access to a personalized planning document and questionnaire to ensure every detail, moment, and vibe you're expecting is taken care of! No matter if you have a an open format andsimple cocktail party or a meticulously planned, down to the minute complex itinerary, DJ FrankenSztein will ensure that every note, song selection, and special moment is executed exactly to your specifications.

Click here to check out a PDF template of our planning document!

We Plan for the Unplanned

Stuff happens in the moment, and weddings are no exception. We plan for the unplanned. To make sure we can navigate unforeseen issues, DJ FrankenSztein comes to every event with the following:

- 2 laptops, both loaded with all music, both connected to the audio system at all times. 

  - Secondary laptop also contains all event notes/itinerary for quick access and reference so nothing gets missed! 

  - All files are stored locally. We never rely on internet or cellular network access on site.

- A main DJ Console and a smaller backup console for secondary locations or technical issues. 

- All music backed up on a portable hard drive.

- A battery powered loud speaker in case of power outages

- An emergency audio kit that includes the following:

  - A 10 channel mixing board for connecting external audio sources or sending out audio feeds to videographers

  - Varied adapters including iPhone and Android adapters for quick plays from Spotify or external sources

  - AA batteries
  - Backup cables and power adapters 

  - An iPod pre-loaded with mixes across various genres

  - Phone chargers that you or your guests can use upon request

  - Wired microphone

Tips and Suggestions for planning a great event

When you've worked over 1,000 events like we have, you can clearly see how different events execute different visions. Below are some suggestions for planning your event that will ensure a smooth planning experience and a great party that all your guests can enjoy. 

- Don't delay in booking your vendors! 

All the best vendors, including your DJ, photographer, live performers, caterers, wedding co-ordinators tend to work a year or two in advance. As soon as you decide to hold an event of any kind, reach out to your critical vendors immediately for their availability. 

- An event co-ordinator can really help make sure your event goes according to plan.

You don't want to spend your wedding day talking to the DJ and kitchen staff to make sure things stay on track. A qualified wedding planner will go through every detail with you ahead of time, and will be your buffer between annoyances and delays so you can enjoy your meals, listen to speeches, and dance the night away. Contact us if you're looking for certified wedding planners and co-ordinators to help you through this process! In terms of smaller scale events, we're also happy to help you come up with a reasonable itinerary if a dedicated co-ordinator isn't in your budget.

- The goal is a great party, not a perfect one. Perfection comes from navigating imperfections.

It's a virtual certainty that something won't go exactly to plan on the day of your event. Maybe the weather isn't co-operating. Maybe there's delays in the kitchen getting meals out. Maybe your decor doesn't match the photos you selected them from. Maybe your guests linger and take too long getting to their seats and cause delays in your itinerary. Perhaps traffic in the area is delaying the arrival of your guests. Whatever it is, don't let imperfections get in the way of excellence. Plan to include flexibility in your itinerary, don't panic if things get delayed, and know that you have quality vendors working hard to execute your vision. As long as your wedding day has you professing your love for your partner to the world, you have a great meal, and you have fun with the people you care most about in the world, your wedding is a success. A perfect event comes from navigating the imperfections! 

- Your musical taste is only one ingredient of the great party stew! 

Your personal music taste may not be what will get most of your guests dancing and participating. Genres such as Hip Hop, Metal, Alternative, and hard EDM might get you bopping your head and tapping your feet at home or in the car, but might make Grandma leave early. These genres can be incorporated in a party effectively in measured doses. 

- Don't skimp on the classics! 

You may take great pride in your deep dive tastes and keeping up with the latest bangers. We all do! However, if you want to achieve critical mass on the dance floor, don't forget about the mainstream classics across eras. Artists like Abba, Spice Girls, and Michael Jackson can bridge gaps between age groups and make for an inviting dance floor for all ages.

- Requests are your friend, and don't overplan your playlists. 

Many clients want to build their own playlists and discourage deviation from their hand picked tracks. This is a great way to go for smaller parties among groups of friends. For weddings, we encourage you to specify your tastes, but give the DJ a chance to take requests, read the room, and stick more closely to genres that are working for the overall crowd in the moment while still incorporating your tastes.

- Must not plays are A-OK.

We get it, no one wants to hear Macarena and Chicken Dance these days. We don't either! While we'll usually avoid making your crowd do the YMCA, we also want to make sure that we're not playing music you hate at your party! If Taylor Swift makes you break out into hives, make sure to let us know! Knowing and avoiding what you dislike is just as important as choosing what songs to play! 

- Moments become legendary with the right songs.

We all get eager to plan out a playlist for the dance party! However, the most legendary and memorable moments come from selecting the perfect song to punctuate important moments. Don't forget to put some thought into specific songs for moments like your ceremony processional/recessional, speech walkups, first dance, introductions, etc. These choices will become the soundtrack to your lifetime memories of your event. 

- Loud is optional.

Some crowds want to completely feel the music and bass passing through their bodies and any good party includes a touch of tinnitus. We've got the gear to blow out the windows and shake the foundations if that's what you're looking for! Other crowds want the option to mingle, have chats, and want to protect their hearing. Both approaches are perfectly valid. We will strive to keep things at a comfortable volume for you and your guests, where ever that comfort level may be. If you are planning on going loud, make sure you have a quieter area available for guests to retreat to when the party gets going!